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The Idea Validation Track is a  6-week sprint for Tracks and Coaching Members who want to learn, connect and level up as they build and launch a new company.
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about the idea validation track
The Idea Validation Track is designed to provide the structure, guidance, and network founders need to successfully navigate the windy path of starting a new business.

Instead of getting stuck, making mistakes, or wasting time and money, founders join this track to shorten their journey from 0 to 1.

This is our most popular track, and fellows with a Tracks Membership or Coaching Membership are encouraged to join.
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the idea validation track by the numbers
150+ companies
Over 150 companies have been founded AND grown by fellows from the Idea Validation Track.
$25M+ Raised
Of the companies looking for venture capital, over $25M has been raised.
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about our partners
Antler, Visible Hands and Human Ventures are each world-class firms that have helped launch hundreds of new startups.

Now, they’re working with Day One to help more founders get new businesses off the ground and ready for the next step of growth and acceleration.

Operators and investors from Antler, Visible Hands and Human Ventures are plugged into the programming and sessions during the Day One Idea Validation Track program.
Foster relationships with other likeminded entrepreneurs, investors and experts while you grow your business.
Building a company alone can be difficult; especially when you’ve hit a plateau. The Idea Validation Track is a place for authentic, meaningful conversations and connections. Tap into a new network of peers, investors, and mentors who will be with you every step of the way.
The idea Validation Track is the place where you will:
Plug into a powerful network of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors as you explore new business ideas and test your concepts.
Work with our experienced team to hone in on your target customer, unique value proposition, and learn how you’ll build and launch in a lean, rapid, and cost effective way.
Connect your skills and passions to specific opportunities and master telling your founder story.
Present your company in front of our community of founders and investors at the Day One Showcase.
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The idea Validation Track follows a 6-week curriculum designed to help you build lasting relationships from the start.
lifelong community
Your 6-week experience is just the beginning. Once complete, you can officially start benefiting from ongoing access to everything your Day One membership has to offer.
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Tracks run on a quarterly basis. This one starts on October 17, 2022.
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frequently asked questions

Who should join?

Day One  is designed for both early-stage entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurial people who are exploring their next move. 


It doesn’t matter if you are building a small business, a venture-scale startup, a side hustle, or anything in between. We’ve designed the programming and curated the community to support entrepreneurs of all types.


You don’t need to be full time on your startup, in fact many – if not most – Day One Members have day jobs or other responsibilities.


Day One Members come from across industries – tech, banking, consulting, marketing and media, consumer goods, food and beverage, and many more. Past Day One Members have come from leading startups like Talkspace and Notarize, tech companies like Apple and Facebook, consulting firms like Accenture and Bain, and so many more top tier companies.


What we do expect of all Day One Members is curiosity, an attitude to share and give (advice, ideas, connections), and a willingness to mentor as well as be a mentee. These attitudes are what make the Day One community strong, and allow us to select growth-minded people who believe in winning together.

How much does it cost?

We offer three membership tiers, starting at $49/mo. Click here to learn more about our membership options.

What does a typical week look like?

A typical week depends on whether or not you’re participating in a Track.


If you’re active in a Track, a typical week includes 2-3 sessions, all focused around a specific topic. These are designed to be more intensive. After a Track, you’ll be buzzing with inspiration, fresh ideas, new tools to utilize, and you should transition into a steadier pace of execution… until your next Track.


If you’re not active in a Track, then there’s still likely something happening almost every day, but everything is designed to be optional. You could attend an AMA session with an experienced founder or investor. You could attend an Office Hour session with a member of the Day One coaching team. Or you could attend a feedback and working session to show off your latest progress and get ideas for your peers.

What is the time commitment?

You can spend only a few minutes per week engaging with the community, or dedicate 40+ hours to your business, or anything in between.

About 70% of events and sessions will be between 11am-1pm ET. About 30% of sessions will be at other times.  All sessions are recorded if you miss anything. As we build out track partners, times will vary based on partners' schedules and guest speaker schedules' so we have to stay flexible.  We will always aim for lunchtime ET, but there's always a chance we'll have to schedule something outside of those times.

Much of Day One is a “get out what you put in” experience, and those who learn the most are the most active and intentional about being a member of the community.

Are the events remote?

Yes, we’ve designed everything in Day One to be virtual. This allows us to reach entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world. 


We do love to host in person gatherings and informal events in cities where we have critical mass, and we always encourage Fellows to meet up whenever possible.

Can I join if I have a full time job?

Yes, of course! Many of our fellows work full-time jobs and are exploring entrepreneurship on the side. But please be aware that if you join the Tracks or Coaching Membership, you’ll need to dedicate significant time around your work schedule to participate.

Do I have to pay for tracks?

With a Tracks Membership or Coaching Membership, tracks are included. If you are enrolled in the Community Membership tier, you will need to upgrade to join tracks.

How will I know when new tracks are offered?

We will share this info on Slack, email you, and update our website.

Which membership tier is right for me?

We offer three membership options that make Day One inclusive and accessible to anyone, starting at $49/mo. Click here to learn more about our three options.