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Why did you start Day One?


We believe that entrepreneurship is going to be the most important skill of the 21st century. Entrepreneurship is a driver of personal growth. Entrepreneurship creates massive societal benefits. And entrepreneurship drives innovation and new opportunity by focusing on outcomes, not just achievements. In an increasingly automated world, and one that needs to become more inclusive and not just reward those who know how to play the game, entrepreneurship is the great leveler AND the great accelerator. Simply put, we believe more people - perhaps everyone - should be an entrepreneur.


Given how important entrepreneurship is and will be, it's a shame that entrepreneurship isn't more broadly supported or taught. Our schooling is built around achievement, around playing the game, and instills habits that are opposite to innovative, outcome driven performance. Yes, we do live in a time that celebrates venture capital, but the narratives that define the venture backed startup probably only apply to 1% of all entrepreneurs. It's great that more people want to be founders. What now needs to happen is that more folks need to simply become entrepreneurs and build whatever business is right for them (whether that's within a company, a side hustle, an agency or freelance business, a real estate empire or a technology startup).


Day One is here to fill these gaps. We are here to support all kinds of entrepreneurs, to empower a more diverse set of entrepreneurs, and to help and support entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their journey. 

What is the Day One Fellowship?


The Day One Fellowship is an 8-week program for early stage entrepreneurs who are exploring or building something new. In the Fellowship, entrepreneurs tap into community, guidance and resources through a curriculum designed to help founders become better entrepreneurs and build more successful businesses.


The program consists of:


  • An 8-week curriculum that covers the major topics of launching a business through practical, hands-on projects that will push your business forward and level you up as an entrepreneur 

  • A "collaboration track" that facilitates meeting and working with Fellows who are exploring similar areas and looking to form teams 

  • Coaching and guidance along the way from Day One Mentors 

  • Workshops and talks from experienced founders, operators and investors.

  • Access to a repository of company building tools, resources, and perks.

  • Access to the Day One community platform for a year following the end of the 8-week program.

What is covered in the curriculum?


The Day One curriculum covers topics like:

- Building in public

- Customer discovery

- Business model design

- Shipping prototypes and MVPs

- Marketing and sales

- Fundraising and sources of capital

- The basics around incorporation and cap tables

- Hiring and biz ops

The curriculum is structured around projects that will move you beyond theory into application​ and practice. 

What's the time commitment for the Day One Fellowship?


To get the most out of The Day One Fellowship, you should prepare to invest 5-10 hours per week. These hours are spread out over a weekly cadence that includes workshops, peer working sessions, talks and Mentor sessions. You also should reserve time to work on your ideas or business and to meet and collaborate with other Fellows. That said, much of the Day One Fellowship is flexible and one busy week won't derail the whole experience.

What happens after the fellowship ends?


We don't expect that your entrepreneurial journey will start and finish within the 8 weeks of the Fellowship program. After the 8-week Fellowship, you'll be a part of the growing and vibrant Day One Community. Inside the community, you'll have access to Fellows from every cohort, to all Day One resources, to a library of all recorded content, as well as additional talks, events and programs. In fact, we hope that you'll stay an active member long after your 8-week Fellowship, tapping into the community for the network, support, guidance, and resources as you build and grow.

Who is the Day One Fellowship for?


The Day One Fellowship is for both explorers and builders. An explorer is anyone who is exploring new business ideas, exploring whether or not launching a business is right for them, or is looking to sync up with other entrepreneurs or founding teams. A builder is anyone in the early formative days of launching their business, and have as many questions as they do answers about the direction to take the business, whether or not it's a good idea, and how they'll accelerate ahead.


You don't have to be a full time entrepreneur to be a Day One Fellow - many Day One Fellows are still working full time or freelancing as they explore business ideas or are in the early days of launching something new.

You also don't have to be building, or want to build, a venture-backed technology startup. We're excited to support entrepreneurs who are building profit-focused, bootstrapped businesses, whether those are technology, product or service businesses.

How much does the Day One Fellowship cost?


The cost for the Fellowship is $1,499, inclusive of the 8-week program and 1 year of access to the Day One community. For applicants of our first few cohorts, we are offering discounts. Ongoing yearly membership fees (beyond your first year) will be announced shortly. 

Is the Fellowship and Community completely online?


Yes, today the Fellowship and Community is designed to be virtual, so that Fellows can attend from anywhere, and do so on their schedule. We do plan to lean into local communities as we achieve critical mass in any location, with local chapters, but that is a bit down the road.

Does Day One take any equity in the business I build?


No, and this is probably the biggest savings Day One offers you as an entrepreneur.

Does Day One do any investing?


No, Day One does not have a fund and does not invest. This may change in the future, but for now Day One tries to support our community by bringing top VCs into our network and making connections and referrals where it makes sense.

How do you select Fellows?


We have four criteria that we look for in prospective Fellows:

  1. Entrepreneurial potential and talent

  2. Entrepreneurial experience and skillset

  3. Distance traveled / deep expertise that can be contributed to the community

  4. Ability and willingness to contribute and give to the community as much as they get from it

While Day One is a selective Fellowship, our mission is to open up and make accessible the resources and network that builders need, so that more people can build. We can only do that effectively by selecting Fellows who have as much to contribute as they have to get. But that doesn't mean you have to be a prior founder or veteran of the tech ecosystem - we believe everyone has something to contribute from whatever background and experience they have. 

What if I have a co-founder / can I bring my co-founder into the program?


The Day One Fellowship is built around individual founders, not startups/teams. As such, each seat within the program is for 1 person.

If you are a team and would like multiple co-founders to join the Fellowship, you can take advantage of our cofounder discount - each co-founder after the first will receive a 50% discount off the program fee. The cofounder discount can apply to up to 3 cofounders.

To receive the discount, each co-founder must apply separately, and upon acceptance the discount will be applied.

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