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Andrew and Rahul here. We're the founders of Day One. Collectively, we've helped build over a dozen startups, raised millions of dollars, advised hundreds of founders during their early formative days, and invested in dozens of startups. We've seen, firsthand, the ups and downs of building a successful business and have learned the keys to what works. We've poured all this experience and learning into Day One. 

Our mission, and the mission of Day One, is to guide and support entrepreneurs on their journey to build great businesses - by connecting them into a community of their peers, by guiding them and teaching them in ways that work for entrepreneurs, and by unlocking resources and access to expertise that until now has always been reserved for Silicon Valley insiders.

Partnered with some of the best

We're fortunate enough to be partners with some of the best names across the startup ecosystem. Our partnerships with venture studios, accelerators, investors and service providers are the foundation for Day One, but also a two way street. Our growing ecosystem is powered by and powering a new wave of entrepreneurship across the globe.

It's time to support the builders

We believe that entrepreneurship is going to be the most important skill of the 21st century. Entrepreneurship is a driver of personal growth. Entrepreneurship creates massive societal benefits. And entrepreneurship drives innovation and new opportunity by focusing on outcomes, not just achievements. In an increasingly automated world, and one that needs to become more inclusive and not just reward those who know how to play the game, entrepreneurship is the great leveler AND the great accelerator. Simply put, we believe more people - perhaps everyone - should be an entrepreneur.


Given how important entrepreneurship is and will be, it's a shame that entrepreneurship isn't more broadly supported or taught. Our schooling is built around achievement, around playing the game, and instills habits that are opposite to innovative, outcome driven performance. Yes, we do live in a time that celebrates venture capital, but the narratives that define the venture backed startup probably only apply to 1% of all entrepreneurs. It's great that more people want to be founders. What now needs to happen is that more folks need to simply become entrepreneurs and build whatever business is right for them (whether that's within a company, a side hustle, an agency or freelance business, a real estate empire or a technology startup).


Day One is here to fill these gaps. We are here to support all kinds of entrepreneurs, to empower a more diverse set of entrepreneurs, and to help and support entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their journey. 

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