the day one collective
A private members-only community of founders, operators and investors. The Collective's mission is to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed by providing mentorship, connections, and capital.
the nft
To join The Collective, one must hold the Day One Collective NFT. Membership includes access to our private Discord, live events, and early access to projects, founders, and businesses launched within the Day One ecosystem.
How to Join
The first series of Day One Collective NFTs will be allocated through our equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic, which is live right now.

There will be a total of 505 Series 1 NFTs. By investing at certain tiers, you will receive one or more Collective NFTs in an airdrop - at no additional cost - when the community goes live in January 2023.
This is, we believe, the first time an NFT has been issued in correlation to an equity crowdfund. We can do this because Day One is a two year old startup with a track record, valuable products and services, and ambitious roadmap. We're venture backed, and raising this crowdfund as part of a large seed round.

Ultimately, we're launching the Day One Collective like this so that members will be true shareholders in Day One.
the impact
The Day One Collective is a community and fund that will fuel the next generation of entrepreneurs building businesses inside the Day One ecosystem.
Ongoing royalties from NFT sales, and subsequent mints, will fund Day One’s investment fund. This fund will make first check investments into Day One entrepreneurs, with a mandate to seed both venture scale and small businesses.The Collective will have first look opportunities to follow on invest. With the fund as a kickstart, we'll put more entrepreneurs into business. Members of the Collective will then have insider access to this deal flow.
The Utility
Beyond making an impact on the next generation of entrepreneurs, Day One Collective members will receive access to:
  • private community chat for sharing deals and ideas and collaborating on projects
  • private events and talks
  • allow lists for projects launched in Day One
  • first look at investment opportunities coming out of the Day One Fellowship
The Roadmap
Unlike most NFT projects, Day One has been building community and shipping our roadmap for over 2 years. We’re backed by top tier VCs including Gary Vaynerchuk. And we're just getting started.
  • Q1 2023 - launch Day One Collective community, onboard Series 1 holders.
  • Q2 2023 - Day One Summit - an IRL event to discuss startups, web3, investing and how the next generation of founders is changing the world.
  • Q3 2023 - Day One Collective Series 2 - details coming soon!