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The Explore Track is a 6-week track where builders, creators and executives are exploring new business ideas alongside a curated community of entrepreneurial peers.
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about the explore track
The Explore Track is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and idea-stage founders.

You'll plug into a powerful network of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors as you explore new business ideas. We'll guide you and provide the structure and frameworks you need to identify opportunities, assess business ideas, and nail down a direction that's right for you.
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Foster relationships with other aspiring entrepreneurs, and begin building your network of world-class investors and builders.
Building a company alone can be difficult; especially when you don’t know where to start. The Explore Track is a place for authentic, meaningful conversations and connections. Tap into a new network of peers, investors, and builders who will be with you every step of the way.
The Explore Track is the place where you will:
Connect your skills and passions to specific opportunities and master telling your founder story.
Meet with dozens of potential co-founders and ongoing collaborators.
Accurately test many business ideas to find which ones are worth pursuing.
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The team behind the Explore Track has decades of experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, operations, education, and community design.
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The Explore Track includes a 6-week curriculum designed to help you build lasting relationships from the start.
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Submit an application. We review all applications carefully with an emphasis on fit for the community.
Schedule your interview with a member of our team. The whole process takes a few weeks.
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Welcome aboard! As a member of the Day One Fellowship, you’ll spend the first 2 weeks getting equipped and plugged into the community.
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You’ll then enter the Explore Track, where you’ll meet regularly with your curated connections, attend virtual and in-person events with your peers, investors, and guest speakers, and in the broader Day One community.
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Your 6-week experience is just the beginning. Once complete, you can officially start benefiting from ongoing access to everything your Day One membership has to offer.
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Am I a fit for Day One?

Day One is designed for early-stage founders and entrepreneurs.

You might be in the idea stage, focused on talking to customers, building and testing early versions of your product, and planning how to fund your business and build your team. Or you could be in the traction or growth stages, where you have your first customers, your product is live, and you're continuously learning, building, growing, and perhaps preparing to raise capital.

You could be full time on your startup or still working a day job or freelancing - we've supported both very successfully. And you could be fully bootstrapped, or funded from angels or VCs.

Our approach to coaching and support, as well as our community, network and resources, are designed for founders in all of the scenarios above.

How much does Day One cost?

Day One costs $2,999 for the first 3 months of support, and includes lifetime access to the Day One community and resources.

We offer payment plans that spread the cost over 3 monthly payments.

Is Day One virtual?

Yes, we’ve designed everything in Day One to be virtual. This allows us to reach entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world. 

We do love to host in person gatherings and informal events in cities where we have critical mass, and we always encourage founders in our community to meet up whenever possible.

What is the time commitment?

Each week you will have a 30 minute 1:1 with your co-pilot and a 1-hour mastermind session with your peer group of founders.

Outside of those two core sessions, we hold talks and office hour sessions with experienced founders and investors a few times each month.

To get the most out of Day One, we recommend you allocate ~2 hours per week and commit to joining the 1:1 and mastermind sessions, and allocating some time to take advantage of the connections, events and resources we make available to you.

Membership Fee
$1,499/yr USD
Next Cohort Start Date
October 3, 2022
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