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The Explore Track is a 6-week program and lifelong community where builders, creators and executives are exploring new business ideas alongside a curated community of entrepreneurial peers.
about the explore track
The Explore Track is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and idea-stage founders.

You'll plug into a powerful network of entrepreneurs, investors and advisors as you explore new business ideas. We'll guide you and provide the structure and frameworks you need to identify opportunities, assess business ideas, and nail down a direction that's right for you.
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the explore track by the numbers
300+ Fellows
Over 300 fellows have gone through the Explore Track.
150+ companies founded
Over 150 companies have been started by fellows as a result of  their Explore Track experience.
A new, ten-week incubation program for top operators to learn, and apply, the Vayner ecosystem approach to leadership and entrepreneurship. Work directly with teams and executives across VaynerX and Gary's network to refine your entrepreneurial skills while helping build businesses and products.

To be eligible for the VX Incubator you must first be a member of the Day One Fellowship. Joining the Day One Fellowship grants you access to the Day One community of founders, investors and partners, including VaynerX and the VX Incubator.
Foster relationships with other aspiring entrepreneurs, and begin building your network of world-class investors and builders.
Building a company alone can be difficult; especially when you don’t know where to start. The Explore Track is a place for authentic, meaningful conversations and connections. Tap into a new network of peers, investors, and builders who will be with you every step of the way.
The Explore Track is the place where you will:
Connect your skills and passions to specific opportunities and master telling your founder story.
Meet with dozens of potential co-founders and ongoing collaborators.
Accurately test many business ideas to find which ones are worth pursuing.
meet the team
The team behind the Explore Track has decades of experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, operations, education, and community design.
meet the mentors 👉
The Explore Track includes a 2-week virtual onboarding followed by a 6-week curriculum designed to help you build lasting relationships from the start.
apply to day one
Submit an application. We review all applications carefully with an emphasis on fit for the community.
Successful candidates will be invited to an interview with a member of the Day One team. The whole process takes a few weeks.
your cohort kickoff (2 weeks)
Welcome aboard! As a member of the Day One Fellowship, you’ll spend the first 2 weeks getting equipped and plugged into the community.
get to work (6 weeks)
You’ll then enter the Explore Track, where you’ll meet regularly with your curated connections, attend virtual and in-person events with your peers, investors, and guest speakers, and in the broader Day One community.
lifelong community
Your 6-week experience is just the beginning. Once complete, you can officially start benefiting from ongoing access to everything your Day One membership has to offer.
SMALL GROUP OR 1:1 coaching
and so much more...

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Apply to join the Explore Track today. The next cohort kicks off on July 11, 2022.

Access to Day One is $1,499/year. Payment plans available.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

The Day One Fellowship is designed for both early-stage entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurial people who are exploring their next move. 


It doesn’t matter if you are building a small business, a venture-scale startup, a side hustle, or anything in between. We’ve designed the programming and curated the community to support entrepreneurs of all types.


You don’t need to be full time on your startup, in fact many – if not most – Day One Fellows have day jobs or other responsibilities.


Day One Fellows come from across industries – tech, banking, consulting, marketing and media, consumer goods, food and beverage, and many more. Past Day One Fellows have come from leading startups like Talkspace and Notarize, tech companies like Apple and Facebook, consulting firms like Accenture and Bain, and so many more top tier companies.


What we do expect of all Day One Fellows is curiosity, an attitude to share and give (advice, ideas, connections), and a willingness to mentor as well as be a mentee. These attitudes are what make the Day One community strong, and allow us to select growth-minded people who believe in winning together.

How much does it cost?

The Day One Fellowship is a membership with a fee of $1,499 per year. 

The membership fee can be paid in a lump sum or 3 equal installments, starting when you accept your offer.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! We’re so confident that the Fellowship is a powerful and effective way for founders to accelerate that we’ve instituted a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re finding the program isn’t a fit or isn’t working for you, you have until 30 days after the Fellowship kicks off to request a full refund.

What does a typical week look like?

A typical week depends on whether or not you’re participating in a Track.


If you’re active in a Track, a typical week includes 2-3 sessions, all focused around a specific topic. These are designed to be more intensive. After a Track, you’ll be buzzing with inspiration, fresh ideas, new tools to utilize, and you should transition into a steadier pace of execution… until your next Track.


If you’re not active in a Track, then there’s still likely something happening almost every day, but everything is designed to be optional. You could attend an AMA session with an experienced founder or investor. You could attend an Office Hour session with a member of the Day One coaching team. Or you could attend a feedback and working session to show off your latest progress and get ideas for your peers.

What is the time commitment?

During a Track, you’re likely going to spend about 3-5 hours a week either in live sessions or working on specific projects. Outside of Tracks, you might spend 2-3 hours in live sessions during a week, but also might spend more time connecting 1:1 and tapping the community asynchronously. 

Much of the Fellowship is a “get out what you put in” experience, and those who learn the most are the most active and intentional about being a member of the community.

Is the Fellowship remote?

Yes, we’ve designed everything in the Fellowship to be virtual. This allows us to reach entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world. 


We do love to host in person gatherings and informal events in cities where we have critical mass, and we always encourage Fellows to meet up whenever possible.

What happens after 1 year?

After 1 year, you’ll have the opportunity to renew your membership and continue accessing the community, sprints, events, resources and partnerships.

Can I apply if I have a full time job?

Yes, but please be aware that you’ll need to dedicate significant time around your work schedule to participate.

Membership Fee
$1,499/yr USD
Next Cohort Start Date
July 11, 2022
Application Deadline
July 8, 2022