There are so many hurdles to success. You now have to be an expert in dozens of areas. You have to navigate ambiguity and shrug off setbacks daily. And you seemingly have to make magic happen by finding new customers, new hires, new partnerships, and new investors.
We looked around and couldn’t find a place where the most ambitious emerging founders can really learn, connect, and get advice and guidance for the earliest stage of their entrepreneurial journey (without mortgaging your house).

So we built that. That’s Day One.
inside day one
We have one goal at Day One: to help more entrepreneurs build better businesses.
Across a number of bootcamps, we surround our fellows with world-class networks of investors, corporate partners, mentors, alumni, and an enormous amount of entrepreneurial education.
We help you refine your ideas and perfect your pitch through workshops and curated resources, and countless moments where you can learn from your peers.

If you’re thinking about starting a company or a side hustle, or are in the early stages, Day One is the place for you.
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Over 200 companies have been founded by our fellows in the last two years.
350+ Fellows
Over 350 fellows are building tech startups, agencies, and side-hustles through Day One.
$25M+ Raised
Of the companies looking for venture capital, over $25M has been raised by Day One fellows.
Female Founders
BIPOC Founders
who is day one for?
All of our programs are designed for future founders and early entrepreneurs.
Future Founders
You might not be a founder (yet) but you want to learn, level up your entrepreneurial skills, meet founders and other innovators, and explore new ideas. You might be looking for your next big idea, or looking to launch a side hustle on nights and weekends, or join an early team.
Emerging Entrepreneurs
You’re an early stage founder and want to refine your pitch, stress-test your ideas, learn some new skills, build your network, and tap into new partnerships. You could be at the starting line, or further along in the messy middle, but either way, you probably know how hard and lonely this journey is. Our goal is to quickly get you to the next stage in your journey.
What to expect in our tracks
All of our tracks are fully virtual and demand roughly 4-8 hours per week at the minimum. Learn through a mix of hands-on working sessions, AMAs with guest speakers, 1:1 coaching, and lectures — available live and on-demand to fit your busy schedule.

We design every curriculum collaboratively with world-renowned entrepreneurs and investors, distilling the insider knowledge and insights that early stage entrepreneurs need to know in today’s environment.

If you're serious about launching a side hustle or going all-in on a new company, but want to drastically speed up your path to success, Day One is the place for you.
About our fellows
It doesn’t matter if you are building a small business, a venture-scale startup, a side hustle, or anything in between. We’ve designed the programming and curated the community to support all types of entrepreneurs.
Fellows come from across industries – tech, banking, consulting, marketing and media, consumer goods, food and beverage, and many more. Many have come from leading startups like Talkspace and Notarize, tech companies like Apple and Facebook, and consulting firms like Accenture and Bain.

What we do expect of all Day One Members is curiosity, an attitude to share and give (advice, ideas, connections), and a willingness to mentor as well as be a mentee.

These attitudes are what make the Day One community strong, and allow us to harness the power of growth-minded people who believe in winning together.
How we teach entrepreneurship
wall of love
Raman Malik
CEO at Rhetoric
"Day One provided the structure, guidance, advice, and network to take my first step into entrepreneurship. It not only helped me uncover what entrepreneurship really entailed, but also offered an actionable guide to startup development that cuts through the noise of all the content out there."
Heran Getachew
Founder and CEO at Wholely
"Day One is unlike any other program or community. They’ve created just the right amount of structure, content, mentorship, community, and accountability a founder needs to go from 0 to 1. It’s a great community for founders who are toying with a few ideas or committed to building one, looking to build a side hustle, profitable calm business, or VC backed unicorn. They help you break down your problems, test your assumptions, and keep moving forward."
Christopher Taktak
Founder at Pisces
"As a solo founder, I came to rely on Day One for support regarding (the often understated) emotional side of building a business. It’s an undeniably helpful tool. They provide you with a framework that gets you from idea to launch, and provide you with all the necessary tools to do it flawlessly. They have a network of incredible advisors that you can lean on, and support an ever-increasing group of founders that help share the burden of building a business."

Am I a fit for Day One?

Day One is designed for early-stage founders and entrepreneurs.

You might be in the idea stage, focused on talking to customers, building and testing early versions of your product, and planning how to fund your business and build your team. Or you could be in the traction or growth stages, where you have your first customers, your product is live, and you're continuously learning, building, growing, and perhaps preparing to raise capital.

You could be full time on your startup or still working a day job or freelancing - we've supported both very successfully. And you could be fully bootstrapped, or funded from angels or VCs.

Our approach to coaching and support, as well as our community, network and resources, are designed for founders in all of the scenarios above.

How much does Day One cost?

Day One costs $2,999 for the first 3 months of support, and includes lifetime access to the Day One community and resources.

We offer payment plans that spread the cost over 3 monthly payments.

Is Day One virtual?

Yes, we’ve designed everything in Day One to be virtual. This allows us to reach entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world. 

We do love to host in person gatherings and informal events in cities where we have critical mass, and we always encourage founders in our community to meet up whenever possible.

What is the time commitment?

Each week you will have a 30 minute 1:1 with your co-pilot and a 1-hour mastermind session with your peer group of founders.

Outside of those two core sessions, we hold talks and office hour sessions with experienced founders and investors a few times each month.

To get the most out of Day One, we recommend you allocate ~2 hours per week and commit to joining the 1:1 and mastermind sessions, and allocating some time to take advantage of the connections, events and resources we make available to you.

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