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We know starting a startup isn't easy. That's why we help founders navigate the early stages of building and growing a new business - from guidance and feedback to coaching and connections, we have you covered.
Over 500 founders have leaned on day one for support to build high growth startups and sustainable small businesses
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No one does anything challenging alone. Definitely not building a startup. You need the right people around you if you're going to make it.

Top tier accelerators and venture studios have figured this out and offer coaching, connections and resources. But far too many early-stage founders are going on the journey by themselves.

Day One solves that, with a high-touch support system designed for early stage founders. We know what early stage founders need because we've been there.

We built Day One to be exactly what we wished we had, and now that support is available to everyone.
have the right people behind you from day one
When you join Day One, you get immediate access to an entire ecosystem of support.
Your co-pilot
We'll pair you with an experienced founder who's job is to have your back, make connections, and provide direction. You'll meet weekly to receive advice, perspective, and new ideas from a coach who has deep experience building startups. We act as your sparring partner, helping you to refine every aspect of your business model, identifying blindspots, and guiding you through the ambiguous early stages.
Your squad
You'll join a stage-specific group of 6-8 founders and an executive facilitator who leads and guides discussions so you learn, grow and connect. This group is your braintrust to solve problems and brainstorm ideas. You'll build deep connections and lean into each other's businesses, staying sharp while you go on the journey together.
Insights & resources
We host workshops and intimate discussions with startup experts and experienced founders every month, and you'll have access to a library of recordings from hundreds of talks covering everything a founder needs to know. Also get access to a library of perks, tools and preferred vendors to save you time and money.
Access our community of over 500 founders who are sharing advice and ideas, answering questions, and meeting up to help each other tackle what's in front of them. As we get to know you, we'll open up our network and make connections to founders, operators and investors that are relevant to you and where you are in your journey.
An intense four-week bootcamp-style program where you will:
  • Learn how to build and launch new ventures from a playbook that has launched dozens of startups and was crafted at a top-tier venture studio.
  • Refine and validate your idea through small group and 1:1 mentor sessions.
  • Cut through the ambiguity of what to focus on next, and build a personalized action plan for validating your idea and finding product-market fit.
  • Surround yourself with a diverse group of cross-sector entrepreneurs.
  • Deliver a demo-day ready 3 minute pitch in front of hundreds of others founders, operators, and mentors in the Day One community.
The Day One Fellowship is perfect for you if you:
  • Can attend Zoom sessions on T, W, Th at 12 pm ET and make time for additional coaching and networking sessions.
  • Have 5-8 hours a week on evenings and weekends to work on Day One.
  • Are ready to invest in building your entrepreneurial knowledge and networks.
  • Want to get personalized coaching from a diverse group of startup coaches
don't take our word for it
Over 500 founders have joined Day One and leveraged the coaching, community and mentorship to raise millions, grow revenue, and build successful startups.
Grew revenue from $0 to $100k
Raised $1.7M From Top VC's
Joined Techstars nyc
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