Day One is a community-powered platform for early-stage entrepreneurs 

to get a new venture off the ground.


The Day One Fellowship

An 8-week virtual program (+ 1 year of alumni access to the community platform).

100 high-potential future founders and early stage entrepreneurs.


The Day One Fellowship program provides participants with a tight-knit peer community, access to a network of experts, experienced operators, and investors, and the advice and resources early stage builders need. With Day One you will navigate the windy, challenging road of exploring, forming and launching a new business. 

Facilitated Core Groups

Join a curated core group with other entrepreneurs who share your interests and stage - but who complement your skillsets and experience. In this facilitated group you'll lean in and invest in each other's success, give feedback & advice, provide accountability, and form relationships that last.

Mentor Workshops & Office Hours

Tap into the advice and knowledge of experienced builders, operators and investors by attending 1:1 office hours and small group working sessions. They'll share insights from their journeys, help you tackle your specific challenges, and help you connect into the venture ecosystem.

Resources and Content

Access a library of resources tailored to early stage business building, sourced from people who have been in your shoes. Attend private talks and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. Engage across your cohort in sharing ideas, 1:1 collaboration and networking.

They say it's time to build.

We're here to support the builders.

Never feel stuck, alone, or stagnant

Stop relying on half-baked blog posts or mediocre online courses. And definitely don't try and go it alone. Build meaningful relationships that will last. Get advice, feedback, and help, from entrepreneurs who are in your shoes and are journeying alongside you.

Put networking on easy mode


When you're exploring or refining a new business idea, your first job is to have 100 meetings - with customers, industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and smart people who will give you unvarnished feedback. With Day One, you have that network.

Get your questions answered


Wondering how to sort through ideas? How to best get your MVP built and launched? What's the best way to incorporate? Is your pitch deck good enough? Get answers from experts, and access resources and tools, to help with your early-stage questions.

Don't break the bank or give away the store


Day One doesn't require you to quit your job as you build your business, doesn't cost thousands of dollars like some courses, and won't take 7% of your new company. We offer an 8-week program for less than it would cost to hire us for a couple hours of coaching.

What people are saying about Day One

The Day One Fellowship is tailored for the earliest, most formative stages of building a new business. Day One is for you if you are...

1. A Future Founder


Are you exploring new business ideas? Are you trying to decide if jumping in and building a business is the right move? Are you looking for the right people to build with or join? This is the community where you'll get ideas, get unstuck and meet the people who will kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Chelsea Dougherty

Product - Alto Pharmacy, Pinterest, Berkeley Haas MBA

Saiba Sabherwal Saxena 

CFO - Komodo Health,

Next Big Sound, Spotify

2. An Early Stage Entrepreneur


Are you refining an idea? Are you trying to validate your approach with experts and entrepreneurs who have been there before? Are you looking to accelerate your new business with accountability, motivation and connections? Day One is built to provide advice, guidance, support and network to push your business ahead.

Dave Young

Founder - Enaia

(Real Estate SaaS)

Sheena Macrae

Founder - Ollie Club

(Children's Media)

Here's a sneak peak at a few members of the first Day One Fellowship cohort 🥳

Join the Day One Fellowship

Applications to join the first Day One Fellowship cohort, starting in September, are now closed.

If you'd like to apply to join a future Day One Fellowship cohort, or would like to add yourself to the wait list for the first cohort, please apply today!

The Day One fellowship costs $999, which includes the 8-week Fellowship and 1-year of access to the Day One Community.

Applications are always free, so please apply!

Advisors, Mentors, & Speakers

Leading entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe support and advise Day One and contribute time, knowledge and connections throughout the Day One Fellowship.


Here are just a few.

Heather Hartnett

Founder & CEO - Human Ventures

Alberto Escarlate

Founder - Hugo

Josh Thompson

CEO - Civics Unplugged

Tricia Clarke-Stone

Founder & CEO - WP Narrative

Author - Double Down

Alper Celen

Founder, GP - Enhance

Elizabeth Ferrao

Founder - Product Mindset

Technical PM - American Express

Tom Higley

Founder & CEO - XGenesis

Josh Chapman

Managing Partner - Konvoy Ventures

Phil Toronto

SVP, Special Projects, Investing & Advisory - Gary Vaynerchuk Co's

Adam Chaloeicheep

Founder - DropModel 

Partner - Executive Agency

Megan Patel

Director of Innovation - Chicago Beyond

Graham Smith

Partner - What If Ventures

Nicole Reyes

VP Product / Chief of Staff - Spruce

Brian Dell

Head of Programs - ConsenSys Tachyon Accelerator

Kelsey Conophy

Product - Amazon

Mentor - Product League

Mark Burrell

Co-Founder, CEO - Weldon

Co-Founder - Tongal

👋 Hey, I'm Andrew

I'm the founder of Day One. I've helped build dozens of startups, and advised hundreds of founders during their early formative days. Everything I've experienced and learned, the ups and downs, the challenges, and most importantly what works, and the people who make it work, are now poured into Day One. 

Our mission is to help more entrepreneurial people build more things and become entrepreneurs - and to open up and make accessible to community, network and expertise needed to make that happen. 

Can you see yourself at Day One? 

Got questions? Check out our FAQ​.

Or send us an email and we'll get back to you asap.

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