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The Day One Fellowship

The Day One Fellowship is an 8-week virtual program designed for entrepreneurs in the early, formative stages of exploring or building something new. Explore, refine and validate ideas, meet a co-founder and collaborators, and launch a startup with community, coaching and a powerful network behind you.

What you get when you join the Fellowship


Embed into a cohort of 100 diverse, talented, and ambitious entrepreneurs, who are all committed to each other’s success and growing alongside each other. Tap into the larger Day One community and connect with Fellows across cohorts.


Receive structured, hands-on guidance and coaching to navigate the formative stages of your entrepreneurial journey. Our honed facilitation methods and expert Mentors will get the most out of you and help you keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Learn from the best through live and recorded sessions, delivered by experienced founders, operators and investors. We cover key early-stage topics like ideation & validation, cofounders, product & growth, fundraising, and everything in between.


Access credits and discounts to resources and services that you’ll need as an early stage founder, and leverage the Day One preferred vendor directory to take the guesswork out of starting up.

We’re removing the barriers to getting started and building a successful business.

Guidance to never feel stuck, alone, or stagnant

Stop relying on half-baked blog posts and noisy, overcrowded Slack communities. Navigate the windy, challenging early stages of building a business with a coach and community by your side.

Networking put on easy mode


The first job of an entrepreneur is to get out of the building and meet with customers, industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, investors - people who can give you unvarnished feedback and open locked doors.

Relevant content and curriculum


Don't rely on generic startup courses to guide you through the early days. The Day One curriculum is tailored for entrepreneurs in the earliest stages and delivered by experts who've been there before.

Right sized for early-stage entrepreneurs


The Day One Fellowship is designed to work for busy folks - whether you have full time jobs or are hustling hard on your business. We don't take any equity, and we deliver an 8-week program for less than the cost of a few hours of startup coaching.

Who is the Day One Fellowship for?

Explorers & Builders


The Day One Fellowship is designed for both explorers and builders. As an explorer, if you're looking for inspiration, looking to meet collaborators, working through multiple ideas, or even still contemplating if you want to launch a business, Day One is the place to discern the right path. And as a builder, if you are getting down to work building product, finding users, or raising money, doing so with the support and community of Day One will accelerate your early days.

All kinds of companies 


It doesn't matter whether you are bootstrapping your business, raising venture capital, or something in between. At Day One we're passionate about supporting all entrepreneurial paths, and we think that it's about time that support was given to folks building businesses that aren't venture backed. The journey is hard for any path you take, and we're here to be your support and launch pad.

Join the Day One Fellowship

Apply to join an upcoming cohort of the Day One Fellowship

Cohort 2

Program Dates

Jan 17 - Mar 12

Applications Due

Nov 30

Fellowship Fee: $1,499 $999 for early applicants to Cohort 2. 

Apply before November 13 for early applicant pricing. Admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis, and there are limited seats available, so apply early. Applications are always free, and there will be limited scholarships available.

Day One Fellows

Day One Fellows come from across the globe, and every single one is an ambitious, talented entrepreneur. They come with backgrounds in tech, marketing, real estate, law, fashion, and everything in between. They are CFOs, founders, engineers, designers, consultants and operators. They are generous, collaborative people. And together they are looking to grow, explore and build something new.

Speakers & Mentors

Experienced founders, operators and investors contribute their time and expertise across the Day One Fellowship curriculum - hosting workshops, giving talks, and making themselves available for AMAs and office hours. This group is the lifeblood of Day One.

Here are just a handful.

Charlie O'Donnell

General Partner - Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Katie Shea

Partner - Kairos & K50 Ventures

Ryan Begelman

Founder & CEO - Summit

CEO - Bisnow

Karen Cahn

Founder & CEO - iFundWomen

Alper Celen

Founder and General Partner - Enhance Ventures, Dubai

Elizabeth Ferrao

Founder - Product Mindset

Technical PM - American Express

Tom Higley

Founder & CEO - XGenesis

Josh Chapman

Managing Partner - Konvoy Ventures

Phil Toronto

SVP, Special Projects, Investing & Advisory - Gary Vaynerchuk Co's

Adam Chaloeicheep

Founder - DropModel 

Partner - Executive Agency

Julie Markham

COO - Unreasonable Group

Founder & CEO - PingWHEN (Techstars 15)

Graham Smith

Partner - What If Ventures

Nicole Reyes

VP Product / Chief of Staff - Spruce

Yonatan Raz-Fridmen

Founder & CEO - Supersocial

Founder & CEO - Kano Computing

Kelsey Conophy

Product - Amazon

Mentor - Product League

Mark Burrell

Co-Founder, CEO - Weldon

Co-Founder - Tongal

Jesse Morris

General Partner - Human Ventures

Alberto Escarlate

Founder - Hugo

Josh Thompson

Founder & CEO - Civics Unplugged

Tricia Clarke-Stone

Founder & CEO - WP Narrative

Author - Double Down

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