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Learn the principles and approaches that have made Gary Vee and VaynerX so successful, and join hundreds of builders and entrepreneurs learning and growing together.
course overview
Gary Vee has built VaynerX into a global powerhouse across media, consumer products, and technology. The success of these businesses is driven by Gary’s leadership style, and over two decades he’s embedded that into the DNA of VaynerX.

In this course, we give you a peak behind the curtain. You'll learn directly from the leaders inside VaynerX, teaching you the mindsets and tactics that they apply every day.

When you enroll you'll also get access to the Day One community and live sessions for you to engage with your peers and dive into the content.
learn directly from an all-star roster of vaynerx executives:
Who this course is for:
Future Founders
Today, you lead teams, ship products, and hit deadlines, but tomorrow you’re going to start a startup or run a business unit - and you want to prepare, level up and build a network to support your journey.
You’re building the next big thing and know that you personally will have to go on as much of a growth curve as your business, and so you want to stay ahead of the curve and tap into the support of a powerful network.
Business Leaders
You’re an entrepreneur inside your organization, and you want to stay one step ahead and level up your ability to lead in a rapidly-changing world. Emulating VaynerX wouldn't be a bad outcome for you.
What's included:
Video-based course curriculum
6+ hours of video content, broken down into 32 topics across 6 modules, taught by 6 VaynerX leaders. Each lesson includes an application prompt or reflection for you to put your learning into action.
The Day One Community
Join a community of over 500 builders and entrepreneurs who are actively learning, growing and collaborating together. With this course you'll get lifetime access, including events, resources and perks worth thousands.
Course curriculum
How to lead with heart
Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer, VaynerX
The (not so) secret to success at VaynerX is that Gary and all the senior leaders across the organization take a people first approach. Claude Silver is at the center of that and she’ll share the frameworks, mindsets, and approaches that VaynerX leaders take to leading with empathy and putting people first.
How to sell
Ryan Harwood
Founder and CEO, Gallery Media Group
Everything about business comes down to sales, and any founder or business leader will need to master the art and science of selling. Ryan Harwood will share the frameworks and mindsets that have powered the media and publishing platform behind one37pm, PureWOW, Card Talk, and the Gary Vee Experience
How to lead with patience and curiosity
Andy Krainak
President, VeeFriends
Building a business with a 50 year outlook takes a specific mindset that allows a leader to overcome the shocks and disruptions of the day to day and week to week. Andy Krainak is doing just that alongside Gary at VeeFriends, and these mindsets are fundamental to building an enduring sustainable business.
How Gary and Vaynerfund invest and allocate capital
Phil Toronto
Having built funds and managed investments alongside Gary for almost ten years, Phil Toronto will share frameworks and approaches he brings to the world of start-up financing as well as what the VaynerFund looks for in an investment.
How to drive sustainable growth in your organization
Zubin Mowlavi
President, Vayner Commerce
In the ever changing world of e-commerce, an agency needs to not only keep constant tabs on what drives success for its customers but also what it needs to deliver the best possible value.  Zubin Mowlavi will share learnings from unlocking growth for DTC brands and how he navigated being acquired by VaynerX to unpack the full potential of his team.
How to leverage hospitality when building your business
Founder & CEO
RCA Group & Flyfish Club
Having grown up in the hospitality world and launched numerous successful concepts, David was perfectly suited to partner with Gary to launch the RCA hospitality group, and the first ever web3 membership club. He shares lessons about bringing hospitality into any business, and how to merge web2 and web3.
"The speakers were the best part of this program - very well chosen and also loved the topics on which they presented as well as the sequence of the topics. Starting out with Claude was amazing and set the tone for the entire program."
Day One has been an invaluable source of knowledge, encouragement, community, and resources in my entrepreneurial ventures. Day One has saved me from a hundred mistakes and will likely save me from 1000 more.
"Business and growth are about a strong network. Inclusion in a community like this that can drive positive conversation, assistance, and support is an incredible advantage of the program."
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