the leadership and operations bootcamp
January 23 - March 3, 2023
Limited seats available
The Leadership & Operations Bootcamp is a six-week program brought to you in partnership with VaynerX. Plug into a community of startup founders, small business owners and seasoned execs, and learn the VaynerX approach to contemporary leadership and operations. 
bootcamp overview
A six-week, highly collaborative, cohort-based program for ambitious founders and future founders. Whether you’re already leading a business, or preparing to launch something down the road, this program teaches essential topics in operations and leadership, and will embed you into a powerful network of entrepreneurial peers.

This bootcamp is delivered in partnership with VaynerX, and you’ll learn directly from the leaders and executives within Gary Vaynerchuk’s holding company, VaynerX.
learn directly from an all-star roster of vaynerx executives:
Who is this bootcamp for?
Future Founders
Today, you lead teams, ship products, and hit deadlines, but tomorrow you’re going to start a startup or run a business unit.
You’re in the early days of building the next big thing and want to tap into decades of experience and the support of a powerful network.
Business Leaders
You’re an entrepreneur inside your organization, and you want to stay one step ahead and level up your ability to lead in a rapidly-changing world.
VeeFriends NFT Holders
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Day One is collaborating with VeeFriends for the inaugural cohort of the Leadership and Operations Bootcamp. If you’re a VeeFriends NFT holder and want to learn the VaynerX approach to building and operating businesses (whether web2 or web3), join today.
Join this bootcamp if you want to:
First-hand insights from VaynerX leaders and executives, sharing the frameworks and the real-world ins and outs that go into starting, building, and growing world-changing businesses.
Frameworks to apply key learnings to your business (or future business).
A network of peers to accelerate your journey, including ongoing access to the community as part of the Day One ecosystem.
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what you get inside the bootcamp
Network of over 500 entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and advisors

6-week curriculum designed by Day One

Weekly talks delivered by the VaynerX leadership team

Tools and perks worth over $100,000
bootcamp details
Tuesday Afternoons ET (~1 hour)
Weekly Lecture
Thursday Afternoons ET (~1 hour)
Weekly Office Hours & Breakout Groups
Fridays Mid-day ET (~1 hour)
Weekly Networking Session
Week 1
Building a People First Organizaton
Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer, VaynerX
The (not so) secret to success at VaynerX is that Gary and all the senior leaders across the organization take a people first approach. Claude Silver is at the center of that and she’ll share the frameworks, mindsets, and approaches that VaynerX leaders take to leading with empathy and putting people first.
Week 2
Selling and Lead Generation
Ryan Harwood
Founder and CEO, Gallery Media Group
Everything about business comes down to sales, and any founder or business leader will need to master the art and science of selling. Ryan Harwood will share the frameworks and mindsets that have powered the media and publishing platform behind one37pm, PureWOW, Card Talk, and the Gary Vee Experience
Week 3
Patience and Perseverance
Andy Krainak
President, VeeFriends
Building a business with a 50 year outlook takes a specific mindset that allows a leader to overcome the shocks and disruptions of the day to day and week to week. Andy Krainak is doing just that alongside Gary at VeeFriends, and these mindsets are fundamental to building an enduring sustainable business.
Week 4
Managing Hypergrowth
Avery Akkineni
President, Vayner3
When you get ahead of an emerging trend like web3 and build a business that rides the hypergrowth of an industry, you don’t just hold on for dear life. Avery Durnan will share the tactics and approaches they used at Vayner3 to successfully drive and sustain hypergrowth at Vayner3.
Week 5
Growth, Partnerships and M&A
Zubin Mowlavi
President, VaynerCommerce
In the ever changing world of e-commerce, an agency needs to not only keep constant tabs on what drives success for its customers but also what it needs to deliver the best possible value.  Zubin Mowlavi will share learnings from unlocking growth for DTC brands and how he navigated being acquired by VaynerX to unpack the full potential of his team.
Week 6
Start-up Financing and What Gary Looks For In An Investment
Phil Toronto
Having built funds and managed investments alongside Gary for almost ten years, Phil Toronto will share frameworks and approaches he brings to the world of start-up financing as well as what the VaynerFund looks for in an investment - VaynerFund.
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Starting on December 13, 2022, VeeFriends Series 1 Entrepreneur Elfs and VeeFriends Series 1 Innovative Impalas will be eligible to claim their spot in this Bootcamp.

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