Meet the team

Andrew and Rahul met in New York City in January 2020. Both were active in the venture ecosystem, and having spoken to 1000s of founders between the two of them, they realized that entrepreneurs were starving for long-term entrepreneurial support, coaching, and community.  In September 2020, they launched the first cohort of the Day One Fellowship, and 500+ entrepreneurs later, and they haven’t looked back.

Combined, they bring startup strategy, business design, fundraising, and marketing experience to Day One and have brought their deep networks along for the ride.

Andrew Hutton
New York
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Andrew started his career by mixing management consulting and design thinking, helping organizations large and small (but mostly large) be more innovative, across industries as diverse as telecom, beauty, CPG, and healthcare. He then jumped into venture and joined Human Ventures, a venture studio in NYC where he was the first business designer and later Chief Innovation Officer. In that role, Andrew developed and refined a methodology to support founders and launch startups, and had a guiding hand to launch over a dozen businesses, including Paloma Health, Tiny Organics, Lupii, Weldon, Wellory, Spora Health, Deep, and more.

Rahul Brahmbhatt
Houston, TX
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In nearly 25 years of professional experience, Rahul has worked to strengthen and deepen innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact.  In a career starting as a chemical engineer, and spanning sports management, social impact program delivery, nonprofit fundraising, Rahul has startup experience in management, operations, and sales.  Before starting Day One, Rahul was an active Venture Partner and Angel Investor.Rahul serves as a mentor as MassChallenge, Founder Institute, and XRC Labs and has raised nearly $25m for innovative programs and startups around the world.

Leadership Circle

More than 500 entrepreneurs have joined Day One since our launch in 2020 and each of them have emerged with a stronger sense of purpose and confidence as entrepreneurs.  They come from all over the US and the world; they choose to build freelance businesses and side hustles; they bootstrap and build profitable SMBs; and some go on to join accelerators and raise venture capital.  Day One helped each of them clearly define what “success” was for themselves and then helped them find the community, tools, and resources they needed to execute on their dreams.

A select group of Day One Fellows, representative of the diversity of entrepreneurship, make up The Day One Leadership Circle.  The Leadership Circle is just a small sample of the types of entrepreneurs that make up the community and serve as each other’s biggest supporters, player/coaches, and friends. These are entrepreneurs and founders just like you - working hard at the challenging early steps of building and testing, and they will quickly become your best friends.

Anna Dyring
Toronto, Canada
Currently: Quantum Strategic Lead at the University of Toronto
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Day One since 6/2021
Exploring and building EdTech solutions for life-long learners

“I feel strongly for the unassuming, sometimes hidden entrepreneurial talent which may hesitate about pursuing their dream because they don't look or act like the Silicon Valley stereotype often portrayed in the media. Day One is filling an important gap in the market and I am impressed by how the team lives by their values and advice, constantly experimenting, learning and sharing their own venture building experiences.”

Buster Levin
Tampa, FL
Currently: Realtor at The Homes and Living Group at Compass
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Day One since 4/2022
Founder of BRANDsultant

“Day One has given me clarity on my entrepreneurial path and introduced me to an awesome network of people to grow alongside.  I’ve been able to tap into and leverage an impressive community of like-minded individuals.  I’ve gotten support and advice from people and have also been able to help and support them in their entrepreneurial adventures.”

Curtis Harris
Lawrence, KS
Currently:  Director of Sales and BD at Compass Mining
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Day One since 10/2022
Researching innovation opportunities in web3

“The high-level of access to Day One speakers and mentors was a big surprise and exposed me to ideas and thoughts I was not yet considering.  Andrew and Rahul really set a high bar for video call energy - very engaging!  In a global economic and entrepreneurial market, sharing and learning from other new business leaders is smart. Day One brings me access to business leaders and their decision making processes.”

Deeckla Rotman
San Diego, CA
Past:  Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom, and Microsoft
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Day One since 4/2021
Founder and CEO of SCRUFF & SMOOTH
Building a baking community

“Day One helped me learn how to start a business on my own, especially being a low-code founder. Through the program I made life-long friends, learned what it takes to be a founder, and learned about a wealth of resources to aid throughout my journey. You’ll move way faster by learning about entrepreneurship paths to success, building a close network of founders who are in similar stages, and having a community of amazing, REAL people to back you up and celebrate you along the way.” 

Dylan Barahona
West Palm Beach, FL
Past: Guest Experience Manager at On Location
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Day One since 7/2021
Founder of Connecting Roads

“Day One has given me the ability to take a step back from the chaos of being an entrepreneur and build a community around it. Having support from mentors and peers has given me the steam to continue building and chasing my dreams. The founders and team have been accessible from the beginning and provided great feedback. The community continues to provide kindness, support, and collaboration.”

Jay Miah
New York, NY
Past: Blackrock and Morgan Stanley
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Day One since 6/2021
Founder and CEO of Riven

“The Day One community has been invaluable to me as an entrepreneur that’s bootstrapped a DTC business to six figures.  It’s been a homebase for me to share thoughts and ideas and get feedback quickly.  Having an audience for your product or service before launching is something every entrepreneur should focus on and Day One’s commitment to that concept is what can save valuable time and money to anyone just starting out.”

Connor Roach
New York, NY
Past:  General Motors
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Day One since 8/2022
Founder and CEO at Clik

“To me, in the lonely world of entrepreneurship, Day One has meant community. Day One has brought me mentors, peers, and friends.  These connections have led to discussions and ideas that have helped me take Clik forward.  The networking opportunities have been vital to the growth of what I’m building.”

Courtney Villanueva
Oahu, HI
Past:  Ernst & Young and Small Business Owner
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Day One since 1/2023
Co-founder and Director of Vibes at Sage Creamery

“Day One has been a surprisingly significant experience of my life as an entrepreneur. It has been an outlet to understand the “bigger picture” through sharing with a bright and ambitious community. Through each speaker and community session, I’ve been able to reflect on my own journey to this point. Building a business can be a challenging and lonely journey, but to meet others on a similar journey, at different stages, from different places and backgrounds has filled me with motivation and inspiration.” 

Jeremy Parrott
San Diego, CA
Currently: PR/AR at Speakeasy Strategies

Day One since 7/2021
Founder at Origamic Penguin

“Day One has helped me make connections that would not have been possible by myself. Not only did they introduce me to people, but they helped guide me along the way. Coming from a corporate background and environment I knew nothing about the "real" entrepreneurial waters. It's the most welcoming and informative "intro to entrepreneurship" group out there. And they are all about "no bs/ no fluff." If you are really ready to start your journey, Day One will be there to really help you along your journey.” 

Jesse Link
New York, NY
Past:  VP at Goldman Sachs
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Day One since 9/2021
Founder and CEO at Rella
Strategy and Mindset Coach/Advisor for Founders

“Day One has meant so many things to me:  rebuilding, inspiration, growth, friendship, care, safety, and reassurance.  To quote Simon Sinek - "Alone is Hard. Together is Better." Regardless what you want to build and why you want to build it. It's scary. We can only control so much - but how we spend our time and who we spend it with are two of the big ones.  Day One's community is both the how and who - crucial safety, access, guidance, support when you are must vulnerable / need it most.” 

John Gardner
Chicago, IL
Past: Tour and Artist Management; Booking Agent
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Day One since 1/2023
Founder and Executive Director of The World Music Foundation

“Day One has been completely transformational for me. It’s truly life-changing to connect with people that understand the ups and down of entrepreneurial life.  It’s early, but I estimate that my $1,500 investment into Day One will result in over $20,000 in impact - directly attributable to actions I’ve taken as a result of Day One.  Whether you struggle with imposter syndrome, you're interested in different management styles, you want help building your pitch deck - Day One is an incredibly welcoming place where you can ask questions and gain inspiration from both guest speakers and community members.”

Jonathan (JB) Bodenhorn
New Hyde Park, NY
Currently: Nurse, Recruiter, Mentor, Connector, Creator
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Day One since 10/2022
Founder of The Chapter 39 Group

“Day One has showcased to me that I am not alone on the journey. That non-linear paths are cool. That community and people supporting each other are truly all that matters. That you don't need to have a shiny product or a big business to fit in.  The amount of insights shared at Day One in an intimate setting from folks building across all spaces unmatched anywhere.  Anything being built by anyone can only be amplified by becoming part of Day One.”

Katie Tippings
Wales, United Kingdom
Currently: Moderator at VeeFriends
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Day One since 1/2023
Trader and Web3 Investor

“Day One is literally a school for entrepreneurs. Everyone has an idea, but no one really knows how to start. This confusion leads to procrastination and nothing ever gets off the ground.  Day One literally provides you with a step-by-step guide and also supports & mentors you along the way.  Watching Day One team lead by example and share all knowledge and experience with their community of business builders has been energizing.”

Matthew LeBeau
Ottawa, Canada
Currently: Games Coach at Games to Go
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Day One since 1/2023
Cofounder at ScavengAR

“Day One has become my go-to life-enhancing resource that I continuously draw from. Day One has consolidated my identity as an entrepreneur and has allowed me to really understand the idea that you get what you put in, which applies to everything. Exposure to various tools and sectors of entrepreneurship has helped me gain valuable perspective on what to do.”

Michael Heitz
New York, NY
Past:  Architect

Day One since 1/2022
Co-founder and CEO at Redprint Fitness

“Day One was really important to me when I joined, and continues to be today. I had just moved to New York City, and had almost zero startup connections. As an architect working part time on my startup, I felt a bit isolated. Day One provided that startup community I had been yearning for. Day One helped me feel less isolated and helped define my path to taking my startup full time and growing.”

Mikhail Gorin
San Diego, CA
Currently: Online Marketing Advisor to B2Cs
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Day One since 1/2021
Founder at

"Day One gave me the chance to dive into the REAL startup environment, connect with a supportive community, and gain invaluable knowledge and insights into the industry. The live sessions have helped me shift from into buliding mode. Day One helped me gain the confidence and tools I needed and kept me focused as I moved from Russia to the US.  I am grateful for the opportunity and support.” 

Suzanne Reeves
Victoria, Canada
Past: Creative Director at MMM Group
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Day One since 8/2022
Founder at Art + Soul Design
Founder and CEO at Unicorn Fuel  

“Whether you decide to go for funding or decide to bootstrap, Day One provides the knowledge you need.  In merely weeks, I ended up with offers for intros to investors and an exceptional opportunity for ongoing mentorship. My understanding of how the startup world operates and how to be successful in it has expanded ten-fold. I am now in the process of leveling up my business in ways I never thought possible and wouldn't even have considered prior to joining Day One.” 

Vivian Chen
New York, NY
Past: L’Oreal and Greenhouse Software

Day One since 2/2021
Founder and CEO of Heyo
Founder and CEO of Rise

“You can't build alone, you need a community of like-minded people to egg you on in both supportive and competitive ways. Day One is that community and so much more.  Building alongside others will open your eyes new ideas, different paths, and maybe a breakthrough moment in your startup journey.  And, in my case, you may even get your first check from the Day One community!”

Zach LaVone
Minneapolis, MN
Currently: League Coordinator at The Burrow
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Day One since 8/2022
Founder and Game Designer at Yor, A Phygital Trading Card Game

“Day One has been an invaluable source of knowledge, encouragement, community, and resources in my entrepreneurial ventures. Day One has saved me from mistakes, connected me with people I now call friends, and provided networking opportunities. Day One has shown me how to build skills and experience that will be amazing strengths for my future career and efforts regardless of whether an individual venture succeeds or fails.”

Mentor Network

Inspiration and motivation comes from those that are running just a bit ahead of you in the race.  If they can do it, so can you.  From a decade of working in the startup and venture capital worlds, Day One has built a world-class network of mentors, made up of operators, angels, advisors, serial entrepreneurs, and investors.  They are all here to help you on your journey and shed light on some of key inflection points in their success.

Mentor engagement takes a number of forms at Day One:  Live AMA and Fireside Chat sessions, live mentor office hours, recorded sessions from prior cohorts, workshops, reverse demos days, and 1:1 coaching sessions.  Here is just a sample of past and current mentors at Day One.