the day one fellowship
3 month program + lifetime access to community
Join a tight-knit cohort of founders and go on a 3 month journey to transform your startup - and yourself. You'll receive coaching from experienced venture builders, learn from investors and operators, and join a community where you'll find collaborators, customers, even investors.
Next cohort kicks off May 22
Fellowship Overview
Level up by leaning in with world-class founders, investors, and mentors
Refine and validate your ideas
Tap into the wisdom and experience of veteran venture builders in closed door talks, small group mentor sessions, and 1:1 coaching. Lean on your cohort for feedback and find your first users in the community.
Put yourself on the path towards product-market fit
Leverage a proven methodology and tools to take the guesswork out of starting up. Attend weekly 1:1 coaching sessions to get personalized advice, fine tune your approach, and stay accountable to hitting your goals.
meet your people and grow your network
As a Day One Fellow, you’ll join a tight-knit cohort of founders and lean on each other as you build and launch your business. Each cohort is intentionally small and the quality is high. Lean into the larger community for ongoing advice, support, boosts - whatever you need as a founder.
Perfect your pitch and showcase what you’ve built
Every month we host our community-wide Showcase where you can pitch in front of peers, mentors and investors. Leading up to the Showcase we put your through rigorous pitch practice to bring out the best in your idea.
meet a few day one fellows
Who the fellowship is for
We’ve designed the Fellowship specifically for early, idea stage founders - whether you’re planning to raise VC or not.
Early-Stage Founders
You’re in the early days of working on a startup. You may have raised some capital already, or plan to down the road. Either way, you know the goal is to learn, validate, gain traction, and ultimately find PMF. We're here to help by keeping you on track, providing you tools and guidance, giving objective feedback and outside perspective, and helping you grow your network where it matters most.
Side Hustlers
You're building a new business on the side while holding down a day job or freelancing to pay the bills. You may or may not be planning to raise money down the road, but either way until you jump all the way in, most accelerators and founder programs won't give you a second look. We're here to help and provide the tools, guidance, connections, and community to help your side hustle take off.
Bootstrappers & Small Business Owners
In the world of tech and venture capital, small business owners and people building profitable bootstrapped businesses often get overlooked. But starting up and growing a business is always hard. We're here to help you as an entrepreneur to get focused, provide outside perspective, grow your network, and take your business to the next level.
Fellowship Details
The most personalized founder program. Ever.

Every week you’ll participate in workshops, expert AMAs, 1:1 coaching, and group mentor sessions - all designed so you level-up rapidly and make progress on your specific business goals. 
program Topics
Venture Design
We provide a framework that breaks down what you need to focus on as you start and grow your startup, and then work with you to see how it all fits together for your business. The end goal is to refine your idea into a sustainable, growing business.
Finding Product-Market-Fit
Product-Market fit is the elusive holy grail that we’re all searching for. But what does it look like, and how do you achieve it? We’ll unpack a framework and outline steps you can take to turn finding PMF from a lucky break to something you seek and find with intentionality.
Nailing Your Pitch
Whether you’re raising venture capital, making a sale, or recruiting new hires, as a founder you’ll constantly be telling your story and pitching your business. We’ll hear from someone who lives and breathes pitches, and then guide you how to craft your pitch for the Day One Showcase. 
Operating as a Founder
Building a business as a founder is a completely different job than anything you’ve had before. We share principles that will guide your actions and help you navigate the ups and downs of building a startup.
Meet a few mentors and speakers
it all leads to the showcase
By the end of the Fellowship, you’ll have perfected your demo-day style pitch. The Showcase is your chance to take (virtual) the main stage and share what you’ve built in front of investors, peers, mentors, and the whole Day One community.

This is an optional event for fellows who are seeking feedback, capital, advisors, partnerships, or co-founders.
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