bootcamp overview
Most new entrepreneurs overlook the most crucial part of their startup journey; stress-testing their idea and validating their concepts before taking them to market. 

This bootcamp is a six-week, highly collaborative, cohort-based program for professionals who are serious about bringing a side hustle to life and quickly leveling-up their business.

Think of Day One as a fast-track to building new, lifelong relationships with other top-tier founders and investors, and a sprint to refining your ideas and pitch.
learn directly from a global community of world-class founders, investors, and executives:
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Who is this bootcamp for?
Idea-Stage Founders
You’re an early stage entrepreneur who is looking to join an accelerator program or raise your first round. You’re eager to build a world-class network of peers and investors who will help you get your startup well beyond the starting line. 
Emerging Entrepreneurs
You’re less than a year into your entrepreneurial journey and want to refine your pitch, stress-test your ideas, learn some new skills, build your network, and tap into new partnerships. You could be at the starting line, or further along in the messy middle, but either way, you probably know how hard and lonely this journey is. Our goal is to quickly get you to the next stage in your journey.
Join this bootcamp if you want to:
Refine and improve your idea and pitch by learning from world-class entrepreneurs and investors, and collaborating with a tight-knit cohort of other founders around the world.
Immediately log into our global Slack community of 500+ entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors.
Present your idea and early concepts to a network of 100+ investors and mentors in our quarterly, fully-virtual Day One Showcase.
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What you get inside the Day One Fellowship:
Network of over 500 entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and advisors.

6-week curriculum designed by Day One.

Weekly talks delivered by top-tier startup experts, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Tools and perks worth over $100,000.

Opportunity to qualify to pitch in our quarterly virtual showcase at the end of the program.
The Day One Fellowship By The Numbers
350+ Fellows
Over 350 fellows are building tech startups, agencies, and side-hustles through Day One.
$25M+ Raised
Of the companies looking for venture capital, over $25M has been raised by Day One fellows.
Female Founders
BIPOC Founders
Raised $4.5M from Female Founders Fund, Redbeard Ventures, and others. Accepted into Human Ventures Accelerator.
annie reardon, co-founder
renee russo, co-founder
Raised $1.7M from Afore Capital, Halogen Ventures, MGV Capital, and others.
yehong zhu, founder & ceo
Raised $2M from M13, Mac Ventures, The Venture Collective, and Adventure Fund.
elise decamp, founder & ceo
bootcamp details
Tuesday afternoons EST (~1 hour) 
Thursday afternoons EST (~1 hour) 
Breakout groups & office hours with mentors
Fridays afternoons EST (~1 hour)
Community-wide networking session
Week 1
January 23
Venture Design
When many entrepreneurs talk about their business, they often talk about their product. However, product is only one component of a business.

During the first week, we’ll break down the elements of a strong business model with our New Venture Canvas. We’ll also help you position your business model in a way to maximize success.
Week 2
January 30
Product-Market Fit
The second week is focused on properly validating your business model and assumptions. We’ll cover degrees of proof, product-market-fit, customer discovery, and other essential concepts for this stage. 
Week 3
February 6
Understanding Investor Drivers
Most new entrepreneurs don’t think enough about what investors are truly looking for, both in a pitch and in a venture. 

This week, we’ll hear directly from a number of top-tier investors about what they are looking for in a company. 

This is a crucial step because it allows you to understand your growth potential. We’ll also help you identify the right types of investors for your business. 
Week 4
February 13
Pitch Intensive
Being able to clearly communicate your vision is imperative to your success, and you must be able to communicate effectively to different audiences. 

This week, you’ll learn how to tailor your pitch for different audiences and contexts, and understand which types of pitches you should be focusing on right now. 
Week 5
February 20
Showcase Pitch Development
This week will be quite intensive, as we’ll start preparing for the showcase — where you’ll present your ask to investors, peers, advisors, and mentors. 

We’ll figure out the right type of ask, create emotional reactions, learn best practices for pitching successfully, and much more. 
Week 6
February 27
Showcase Pitch Practice
In the final days leading up to the showcase, we’ll be practicing, practicing, and practicing some more. The feedback will continue. 
Then, it’s showtime. 
about the showcase
You’ve been working hard for 6-weeks improving your pitch and validating your business. Now, it’s time to take the virtual main stage and share what you’ve built in front of 3,500+ investors, peers, mentors, and executives.

This is an optional event for fellows who are seeking feedback, capital, advisors, partnerships, or co-founders.
What To Expect
Apply now to join our next cohort.
Schedule an interview with a member of our team. This is a great time to ask us questions and share where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.
If you are accepted, enroll in the upcoming cohort to reserve your seat.
Start Networking
Immediately gain access to our global Slack community and start networking with other entrepreneurs, investors and mentors through 1:1 matching and small-group sessions.
Begin the bootcamp
Connect with your cohort and mentor community in the kickoff on January 23, 2023.
Attend virtual, weekly lectures, office hours, breakout sessions, and networking groups.
Learn, validate, and grow
Consistently refine and level up your ideas and perfect your pitch with your cohort, mentors, investors, and the broader community.
Present in the quarterly Day One showcase at the end of the bootcamp.
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apply now
Apply to interview and reserve your seat before January 23, 2023.
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3-Month payment plan available.
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upcoming cohort dates
JAN 23 - MAR 3, 2023