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It's Time To Support The Builders

Many of us read Marc Andreessen's essay It's Time To Build when it was published back in April. Immediately it sparked a needed conversation. For many of us, it resonated.

In fact, it resonated for so many of us because the number of builders has been growing steadily for some time. In the last 5 years, search volume for the term "side hustle" grew 11x. By many counts, the number of new businesses started everyday, across the globe, is north of 100,000, a number that also continues to increase.

And even before this call to build, many were responding to our current crises. People were building new supply chains to provide PPE to frontline workers. People were building new platforms to enable communities to support businesses closed due to lockdowns. And people were building new ways to engender collective political action. Not to mention the steady stream of startups and small businesses that are still being launched.

It's pretty likely that we've never had more builders than we do now - both across the venture capital ecosystem and beyond.

But even as the number of builders and entrepreneurs continues to grow, we still live in a world where entrepreneurship is a rocky, lonely road. It's estimated that 90% of startups will fail within their first 5 years. That while over 100,000 businesses are launched every day, almost the same number fail. Every day. And while there has never been a more active venture capital ecosystem, the money and support that comes with it only kicks in after you've already reached significant thresholds of success (and even then, venture capital is not a recipe for sustained success).

It's quite obvious - building is hard, and the earliest days are the hardest.

So yes, it's time to build. But maybe more importantly, it's time to support the builders.

But entrepreneurs don't need a classroom. They definitely don't need another newsletter. They need something more like an art studio, where entrepreneurs are coming together to build, but also support, share, collaborate and learn. They need a place to form a tight-knit community and become resources for each other. They need a place to meet and work with other entrepreneurial people who will become co-founders and lifelong collaborators. They need a common bond to form a powerful network that opens doors and accelerates what each other are building.

They need the platform, community and network that comes when a VC or accelerator invests... but at the very beginning of their journey.

That is exactly what we're building Day One to be.

Introducing The Day One Fellowship

The Day One Fellowship is that modern-day studio for today's entrepreneurs. It is a community, network and platform of resources and expertise designed for the early days of exploring or building a new business.

In the Day One Fellowship, 100 high-potential entrepreneurs will come together over 8 weeks to form a tight-knit community, and form the basis for a powerful network. The program consists of:

  • Curated core groups of peers in your industry, sector and stage, designed to facilitate accountability, close collaboration, and deeper relationships

  • Weekly talks from experienced entrepreneurs, operators and investors

  • Group events, like pitch sessions and virtual happy hours, to engineer the serendipity of meeting other entrepreneurs in the cohort

  • Office hours with entrepreneurs, operators and investors from the broader Day One network

  • 1:1 matches and connections across the cohort

  • Access to a library of content, tools and resources from experienced operators

  • Access to the library and community platform for 1 year after the 8 week Fellowship

Our mission at Day One is to help more people build businesses. We've seen what support is available to entrepreneurs who are on the inside, and we are making that available to more people, at the point in their journey when they need it most.

If you’re interested in joining the Day One Fellowship, click here to fill out an application to join the first cohort in September. Applications are open until July 31.

If you know someone amazing who might be interested, send them here.

And if you’re an investor, startup advisor, or another firm who wants to connect with and support entrepreneurs, contact Andrew@joindayone.com.

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