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Personalized Guidance And Accountability.

Develop a personalized growth plan and tap into ongoing, hands-on support to launch and grow your business the right way.

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About Founderpass

After helping hundreds of entrepreneurs launch and build companies, we learned that one-on-one coaching is one of the greatest investments a founder can make into themselves and their business.

Say goodbye to making those tough decisions on your own or not knowing which path to take forward.

We're launching Founderpass to give fellows actionable guidance, a daily sounding board, and an accountability partner.


Founderpass is a personalized coaching experience for Day One fellows. You’ll be matched with a dedicated Day One Coach. You’ll meet with your coach bi-weekly in three month sprints, focusing on specific goals, challenges you’re facing, and the accountability to get there. Monthly you’ll meet in a mastermind with other Founderpass members to share wins, updates, and support each other.

Founderpass is currently only available to Day One fellows for $250/month.

why founderpass?

Reduce the loneliness

Building a company is really hard. And lonely. Think of your Founderpass coach as your sounding board and thought partner all in one.

guidance and accountability

Having an accountability coach helps keep you on track and stay disciplined. We're here to help you maximize the fire and momentum.


It's too easy to get wrapped up in doing the wrong things at the wrong time. We're here to help you save time, money, and energy by putting you on the right track.


Tap into and lean on the broader Day One team and community of experienced founders, investors, and more.

our fellows love their coaching

"I joined the Day One program taking on the founder journey for the first time. The program was amazingly informative, but my comfort with, and application of, their curriculum really accelerated with one-on-one coaching with Jeremiah. His gift is helping people see past the superficial problem to uncover the deeper need. I, like many, am working full-time and hours spent on my startup are precious. With Jeremiah's help, I feel empowered to use this time effectively and with purpose."
— tyler willis, D1F6
"As a first-time founder who jumped into entrepreneurship with just an initial idea, I had felt pretty lost and overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be done. What was really helpful for me was how Jeremiah turned abstract goals into actionable items and suggested various directions the company could pivot to be viable in the market. The best part about working with Jeremiah is that he works with the founders, and not just advises them. Whether it be brainstorming for a new name and logo for my company or onboarding a cofounder, Jeremiah was there to help me throughout the process."
— Grace kim, D1F5
"Jeremiah's 1:1 coaching has been incredibly impactful in moving my business forward. Given the limited resources of a solo founder, it allowed me to focus on the most important priorities for my company's stage of development."
— tony biz, D1F6
"Jeremiah’s coaching has been a consistently positive experience each time we talk. His coaching motivates, pushes me, and teaches me new methods for developing my idea and business. I leave each meeting in the right mindset and eager to tackle our planned actionable items.”
— MIchael heitz, D1F6