How We Do What We Do

The Day One program is designed to help founders level up as entrepreneurs while pushing their businesses forward. The way we do this is to put the founder in the drivers seat and guide them through a series of projects that develop core entrepreneurial skills and serve to hone any early-stage business. Day One facilitators and mentors are on the spot, hands on with founders every step of the way. We augment your building by bringing in experienced founders and operators to teach the ins and outs of company building, and rely on top-tier VCs to challenge our work along the way. Along the way we help mold a group of founders into a community that's built to go far together.


 We're confident that Day One is the most hands-on, helpful and actionable founder fellowship or pre-accelerator program out there.

Program Goals

Day One helps founders and future-founders achieve 3 outcomes:

1) To develop your entrepreneurial attitude. Gain more confidence navigating ambiguity. Build muscles to overcome the fear of shipping and building in public. Refine your sense of what matters most and learn to prioritize what matters. Understand the power of becoming leveraged by building networks and relationships.

2) To level up your entrepreneurial skillset and best practices around building. In Day One you will complete a series of projects - taught and guided every step the way by expert mentors and coaches - where you will not only expand and deepen your skillset but also push your ideas and business forward. The only way to learn is by doing. The only way to explore is by going deep. We achieve that at Day One.

3) To expand your entrepreneurial knowledge and learn the ins and outs of company building. From incorporating to fundraising, hiring to sales, you'll get access to know-how and insider knowledge from startup experts. 

What We Cover In Day One

Day One is structured around projects that get you building. Every week you'll ship deliverables that will move your idea or business forward, while learning and honing core entrepreneurial skills. Projects cover:

Building in public

Dissecting startup ideas

Framing assumptions

Customer discovery

Building MVPs

User testing and feedback

Positioning and narratives

The program ends in a Showcase for Fellows to share their work to each other and select Mentors and Investors from the Day One network.

You'll also attend workshops taught by expert founders, operators and investors that cover foundational company building topics, like:

Co-founders and early teams

Biz ops and legal

Financial models and unit economics

Growth, sales and marketing

Fundraising and pitching

A week inside Day One

Each week of the 8-week program follows a similar flow, built around project assignments, Mentor office hours, expert-led workshops, and challenge sessions with Day One Mentors. We also sprinkle in talks, happy hours and one-off sessions to build the community. We suggest reserving 5-8 hours a week to make the most of the program.

Weekly Kickoff

Each week begins with an overview and workshop on the topic of the week and tees up the assignment for the week. 

Working Sessions

Each week the Day One team and Mentors host office hours to directly support and help Fellows work on their weekly project.

Challenge Sessions

At the end of each week Fellows will have the chance to pitch and workshop their work with investors from the Day One network.

Networking Sessions

We make it easy to connect with fellows across cohorts, helping you meet potential co-founders and collaborators.

Company Building Workshops

Each week will include a workshop on a key company building topic from an experienced founder or builder.

Founder Talks

Spread throughout the program, Fellows will come together to connect and to hear startup luminaries share their stories.

An Ongoing Community

The Day One Community that exists beyond the 8-week program is your home to continue learning and building, along with networking and connections to find future team members, collaborators and investors.

Connect to all cohorts.

As each new Day One cohort joins Day One, your network and community grow ever larger - more people to collaborate with and lean on for help and support.

Access tools, resources and perks

Continue tapping into all the resources, tools and perks - and take advantage of new partnerships and content that are created all the time.

Ongoing events and programming

Special programming and events just for the community will allow you to continue learning and meeting Day One Fellows in live sessions.

What if I'm just exploring?

If you're not yet working on a single idea, but exploring multiple ideas - or even just exploring whether entrepreneurship is right for you - the Day One curriculum is still very much a fit for you. Here's how:

1) A key aspect of every week is sharing work and giving and receiving feedback. If you're exploring ideas, the best way to gather new information and new perspectives is to see other people working and to dig in with them. The act of collaborating across dozens of ideas in related or intersecting fields will boost your exploration. You'll go deep by hitching a ride and working alongside your peers.

2) We suggest that you take one of the ideas you're exploring and work through the program focused on that idea. The only way to not feel stuck exploring an idea is to take it down a path to validate - or invalidate - the idea. The core curriculum of Day One is perfect for that journey. And if you invalidate an idea, then you've just put into practice what it takes to explore and validate the next one. We're here to keep you from being stuck in the analysis paralysis of "idea exploration".

Still not sure if you're ready? Talk to a Day One team member or a current fellow one on one to help you decide.

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Access to library of recorded sessions

Templates, tools and resource library

Members only perks

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