Introducing "Tracks": The Next Phase For The Day One Fellowship
Today, we are thrilled to launch the first three Tracks within the Day One Fellowship. Tracks take the best of Day One and make the experience more valuable by honing in on the specific stage of your journey or sector that you’re building in.
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May 30, 2022

Since we launched Day One at the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve helped over 300 people navigate the world of entrepreneurship by providing a mix of community and education that’s designed specifically to help founders build and launch new startups. We’ve helped over 150 companies of all shapes and sizes get started and collectively raise over $25 million. On top of that, we’ve had some wonderful milestones over the last six months that we are excited to share:

  1. We raised $1m from GaryVee, Antler Global, 27V and others.
  2. With Gary and his team, we launched the VX Incubator.
  3. The number of applicants to Day One has grown by 10x over the last three months.
  4. Our team grew, as we brought on a CMO and a CXO to help take our program, product, and brand to the next level.
  5. We transitioned into an annual membership model and are now providing value to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

Plus, our community has been vibrant and engaged with us every step of the way…

It’s been an incredible two year journey. And now we’re back at it launching our biggest update since we went live 24 months ago.

Today, we are thrilled to launch the first three "Tracks" within the Day One Fellowship.

Tracks take the best of Day One — a world-class curriculum, insights from experienced founders and investors, a tight-knit community, and access to partners — and make the experience more valuable by honing in on the specific stage of a fellows' journey or sector that they're building in.

Here’s how it works:

New Fellows still join Day One as part of a cohort, which includes Fellows across all Tracks. Fellows will spend their first two weeks getting plugged into the community and the broader Day One ecosystem.

Our eighth cohort, D1F8, kicks off on July 11, 2022, and we’ll be launching a new cohort every quarter going forward.

Then, Fellows will break off into Tracks. Each track follows a six-to-eight week curriculum that will take Fellows deep into the stage or sector they choose. They'll learn through a mix of lectures, hands-on working sessions, and guest speakers. They'll meet regularly and make connections with a curated community of peers, while plugging into the broader Day One ecosystem.

The first three Tracks that we are launching today are:

  1. The Explore Track. If you’re not a founder (yet) but you want to learn, level up your entrepreneurial skills, meet founders, and explore business ideas, this track is for you. All types of entrepreneurs are encouraged to join.
  2. The Validation Track, powered by Human Ventures, Antler, and Visible Hands. If you’re already building a company and want to leverage industry-best tools and methodologies, expand your network, and tap into new partnerships, this track is for you. The Validate Track is open to founders across every industry.
  3. The Education Track, powered by 27V, Rethink Education, Pathway Ventures, and Edovate Capital. This is the first of many sector-based tracks. It is an intensive program for both educators who are exploring what it would look like to start their own business, as well as edtech founders who are in the early stages of building a new venture.

The Education Track is our first sector-based track. We have also opened up the waitlists for our next set of sector-based tracks, which are specifically designed for founders within the following industries:

  1. The Web3 Track
  2. The Healthcare Track
  3. The eCommerce Track

Join a 6-week track based on your stage or sector.

The 6-week track experience is just the beginning. Once complete, fellows can officially start benefiting from lifelong access to everything their Day One membership has to offer, including:

  1. Small group or 1:1 coaching
  2. Exclusive sessions with industry-leading speakers
  3. Curated connections with peers across all cohorts of the Day One Fellowship
  4. Virtual and in-person social and networking events
  5. Access to partnerships and opportunities with accelerators, studios, incubators, and our network of investors
  6. Joining other Tracks as your entrepreneurial journey progresses and evolves

The current annual membership fee is $1,499/yr, which includes all of this.

So, what comes next?

If you are an aspiring or early-stage entrepreneur who is craving a community of peers, investors, and mentors, we’d love for you to apply here. Our new application should take you 8-10 minutes to complete.

If you would like to refer a friend or family member to join one of our programs, either send them to or fill out our quick referral form here.

If you are interested in becoming a Day One mentor, go here.

Onward and upward!

— Andrew