Day One is now more accessible, flexible, and affordable — and introducing our first web3 initiative

We learned that it is time for us to evolve and meet entrepreneurs where they are - and that means being more flexible, more affordable, and ultimately, more valuable and more helpful - so that more new entrepreneurs succeed.

Sep 14
4 min

We launched Day One in the summer of 2020 as the pandemic was just getting started. The world was scared, but also filled with resolve and optimism. It was time to build. Millions - yes, millions - of people left jobs to start something new. 2021 saw markets start to boom and even more energy around starting new businesses.

But we’ve seen much of that momentum slip away in 2022. Markets have become murky and the venture capital ecosystem ground to a halt. Supply chain issues, layoffs, and inflation have spooked both investors and consumers. In just a few years, we’ve seen lows, highs, and now new lows. 

Naturally, we doubled down on having deep conversations with our community of entrepreneurs, investors and operators. We learned that it is time for us to evolve and meet entrepreneurs where they are - and that means being more flexible, more affordable, and ultimately, more valuable and more helpful - so that more new entrepreneurs succeed.

So what does this entail?

Day One is now more affordable and requires no long-term commitment. 

This might seem small, but it’s a huge shift that no one else in the industry has taken. Like most of our competitors, we spent much of the last two years raising prices. We knew we were offering immense value and we wanted to signal that what we offered was world class.

But there was always some dissonance with our core mission to help millions of entrepreneurs start and build new businesses. So earlier this year, we changed our approach and started asking ourselves "how can we LOWER prices?" Of course, the caveat is that we can't skimp on value. We want to deliver so much value that joining Day One is a no-brainer. 

The answer ended up being simple; offer a monthly subscription, and make it seamlessly easy to sign up and jump into everything Day One has to offer in less than 90 seconds. 

Now, you can join Day One for as short - or as long - as you'd like. We suspect that you'll stay for longer, but we'll leave that up to you. Now you can join and immediately start attending our events, take advantage of $100,000+ in perks, or set up 200 meetings and go on a blitz to find a co-founder, or jump right into office hours with mentors. We would love that.

We've also added an even more affordable way to join Day One - the Community Membership. Now for $49/month or $499/year, you can access the growing community, exclusive events, and resources we've curated for you. 

You can of course join our flagship programs in the Tracks Membership, which is now $149/mo or $1,499/year. In the Tracks Membership, you have access to our growing catalog of Tracks. You can join as many Tracks as you'd like, and join the live programs that we run every quarter (along with everything else in the Community Membership). 

We're also relaunching our coaching service as a new membership tier. For $399/month, you’ll get 1:1 and group coaching, plus ultra-private events (along with everything else in the Tracks Membership).

We’re always building and there’s much more to come

As our community grows, Day One will become much more valuable to every member. This is known as “the community flywheel effect”. But a community that grows too quickly and without intention can lose value as well. We’re hyper aware of this and will continually invest in both our platforms and a growing community team to continue making Day One feel tight knit.

We will continue to welcome new members individually, make 1:1 matches across the community, curate small group pods, and listen to our community when it comes to what we build next. And we will continue to enforce strict community guidelines to assure the highest quality and safest experience for everyone.

We also have big announcements coming next week. For those of you who are NFT fans, we’re doing something that the world has never seen and launching our first foray into web3. And members of Day One will get a first look. 

Until then, onward with building, and we hope to see you inside the community!


Andrew and the Day One Team


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