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Day One is a community and school where you learn how to start a company and accelerate your journey as an entrepreneur.

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Becoming a founder is difficult. It’s really hard to know where to start and to find the people to help you succeed. Until now.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all of the content out there, we help you figure out which steps to take first. Instead of feeling lonely, we surround you with a community of peers, mentors, and investors that will help you succeed.

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The Day One Fellowship

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The Day One Fellowship is a community for entrepreneurs centered on learning, connecting, and making progress together.

As a Fellow, you have access to a curated group of peers, live learning sprints taught by world-class faculty, connections to partners across venture capital, coaching from experienced founders, weekly events with the world’s top builders, and so much more.

Save yourself from months of focusing on the wrong things, the loneliness of going it alone, or the feeling of regret for not starting sooner.


Over 120 companies have been founded by Day One fellows.


Over 250 fellows are building tech startups, agencies, and side-hustles through Day One.


More than 120 companies have been started by Day One fellows in the last 18 months.


Of the companies looking for venture capital, over $25M has been raised by Day One fellows.

Overview of the fellowship

Apply to the Fellowship

Submit an application. We review all applications carefully with an emphasis on fit for the community. Successful candidates will be invited to an interview. The whole process takes a few weeks.

Your Cohort Kickoff (4 weeks)

Welcome aboard! We spend the first 4 weeks at the start of your time as a Fellow getting you equipped and plugged into the community.

break into tracks (6 weeks)

We’ll help you determine if you’re best fit for the Explore Track or the Build Track, based on your stage in the entrepreneurial journey.

ongoing fellowship experience

After you graduate from your track, your journey as a Fellow is just beginning.

You’ll opt into sprints and go deep on topics that are relevant for where you are. In between sprints, you’ll have access to weekly events, peer groups, 1:1 connections, and a growing library of content, tools, and perks.


When you’re ready for the next big leap in your journey - raising money, changing jobs, looking for new opportunities - we’ll help you make that next step. We work with partners across the startup ecosystem to curate and gain access to opportunities you can’t find anywhere else.

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The next cohort kicks off early July, 2022.
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introducing the vx incubator with gary vee; a new pathway for day one fellows.