Have people behind you from day one
Join a vetted group of early-stage entrepreneurs who understand what you're going through as you build your business - and who actively help you to succeed.
Day One Fellows are building high growth startups and sustainable small businesses.
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No one does anything challenging alone. Whether it's graduating medical school or building a startup, you need your people around you.

But building a startup or sustainable business can be insanely lonely.

Founders & entrepreneurs find themselves isolated, wishing they could really connect with someone who's been in their shoes - someone who understands the challenges, stress, and weighty decisions you have to make everyday when bringing your dreams to life.
We make that happen at Day One.
the day one fellowship
Tap into curated peer groups, 1:1 coaching, a network of experts and advisors, world-class education, and a tight-knit community backing each other to succeed
How it works:
  • Apply to join an upcoming Fellowship cohort. We review applications on a rolling basis, and only admit ~12 Fellows in each cohort.
  • Once accepted, you'll join our next 90 day Fellowship program, which includes a Mastermind group that meets weekly, 1:1 coaching, expert feedback sessions, expert AMAs, and the opportunity to pitch in the Day One Showcase.
  • After 90 days, you have options. Continue meeting with your facilitated, stage specific Mastermind group, or just enjoy ongoing access to the community, resources and perks. Either way, you'll have lifetime access to the growing Day One community.
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$2,999  |  Next cohort kicks off june 26
An intense four-week bootcamp-style program where you will:
  • Learn how to build and launch new ventures from a playbook that has launched dozens of startups and was crafted at a top-tier venture studio.
  • Refine and validate your idea through small group and 1:1 mentor sessions.
  • Cut through the ambiguity of what to focus on next, and build a personalized action plan for validating your idea and finding product-market fit.
  • Surround yourself with a diverse group of cross-sector entrepreneurs.
  • Deliver a demo-day ready 3 minute pitch in front of hundreds of others founders, operators, and mentors in the Day One community.
The Day One Fellowship is perfect for you if you:
  • Can attend Zoom sessions on T, W, Th at 12 pm ET and make time for additional coaching and networking sessions.
  • Have 5-8 hours a week on evenings and weekends to work on Day One.
  • Are ready to invest in building your entrepreneurial knowledge and networks.
  • Want to get personalized coaching from a diverse group of startup coaches
Fellowship Benefits
What's inside the Day One Fellowship
Mentorship and coaching
During your 90 day Fellowship program, you'll receive advice, perspective, and new ideas from coaches and advisors who have deep experience building startups. We create a safe space for you to identify blindspots, ask questions, and level up in a personal, hands-on way.
Curated peer groups
You'll join a stage-specific group of 6-8 founders and an executive facilitator who leads and guides discussions so you learn, grow and connect. You'll learn and grow not just when you're challenges get tackled, but by leaning into your peers' businesses and growing together.
Digital community
Access to our digital community of over 500 founders and mentors who are sharing advice and ideas, answering questions, and meeting up to help each other tackle what's in front of them.
World-class education
We host workshops and intimate discussions with experts and experienced founders and builders. Past recordings of hundreds of talks and resources covering all topics relevant to funders are also available.
Fellowship Schedule
During your first 4 weeks, you'll attend live session 3-4 days each week, along with 1:1 sessions scheduled with your coach. After 4 weeks, you'll slow down and attend a weekly session with your curated Mastermind group.
don't take our word for it
Hundreds of entrepreneurs have joined Day One and leveraged the community and mentorship to raise millions, grow revenue, and build successful, fast growing startups
Grew revenue from $0 to $100k
Raised $1.7M From Top VC's
Joined Techstars nyc
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Who should join the Day One Fellowship?

The Day One Fellowship is a community and mentorship program designed for early-stage founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who want to tap into the support and advice of a tight-knit peer group. Whether it's help thinking through and outlining your fundraising strategy, your go to market plan, how you'll manage your burn over the next few quarters, or just how to find your next customer, the community in Day One has your back and is here to help.

Day One Fellows are both venture backed founders and bootstrappers. Some Day One Fellows have hundreds of thousands in revenue, others are just launching their first MVP.

What typifies all Day One Fellows is a willingness to learn, grow, be helpful and give, knowing that building relationships and helping others is the key to longterm growth.


How much does the Day One Fellowship cost?

The Day One Fellowship costs $2,999, and includes the three month cohort-based program and lifetime access to the Day One community and resources. We offer payment plans to spread the cost over 3 monthly payments.


What does a typical week look like?

A typical week in the Day One Fellowship during your first month in the program includes 3-4 live sessions, scheduled from Tuesday to Thursday, ranging from workshops, expert AMAs, community sessions and mentor office hours. On top of that, you'll have 1:1 coaching sessions at days/times that work for your schedule, and we highly encourage you to connect and collaborate with your peers in 1:1 sessions you set up for yourself.

After the first month, the schedule slows down and you'll attend weekly Mastermind sessions (small groups of 6-8 that are curated to your stage or industry, facilitated and guided for maximum effectiveness).

After 90 days, you'll have the option to continue on in your Mastermind group. And even if you opt not to continue, you'll have lifetime access to the Day One community and resources, so any given week could look like ongoing networking, attending community calls, and leveraging tools and resources to build your business.

Is the Fellowship held virtually?

Yes, we’ve designed everything in Day One to be virtual. This allows us to reach entrepreneurs wherever they are in the world. 


We do love to host in person gatherings and informal events in cities where we have critical mass, and we always encourage Fellows to meet up whenever possible.

Can I join if I have a full time job?

Yes, of course! Many Day One Fellows work full-time or have freelancing and part time jobs as they build their startup.

What is the time commitment?

To get the most out of the Fellowship, we recommend you commit at least 4-5 hours per week during the first month of the program to live sessions and networking/connecting with your peers, then 1-2 hours per week for the next 2 months. During the first month, there will be 3-4 hours of live sessions each week. That drops to just 1 hour of live sessions for the next 2 months. Almost all live session are scheduled between 11am-2pm ET. All sessions are recorded if you miss anything.

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